This publication tells the story of the war on the home front and on the battlefield, through the eyes of some of those who took part. Among these tales are stories of extraordinary heroism, from Dunkirk to D Day, from the Battle of Britain to Arnhem and the Far East.

Contributions have come from the areas covered by the Bournemouth Echo, Southampton Echo, Dorset Echo, the Isle of Wight County Press and the Salisbury Journal. Many of those featured in Victory were interviewed in the early 2000s and most have now passed away. But we are proud and privileged to be able to tell their stories once again and to help keep the memories alive.

We cannot pretend Victory covers all aspects of the conflict. It would take dozens of such publications to do that. But we hope Victory plays a small part in celebrating VE Day and commemorating the sacrifices of all those who helped bring it about after six long years of war.

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